Tensorflow Chatbot

How It Works


How It Works

Chatbots are a huge application of artificial intelligence. This is because they have the ability to literally talk to you like a regular person. Chatbots use recurrent neural networks, which can remember previous inputs, unlike any other neural network.

I recently created my own chatbot. Check out the video I made here!

Chatbots can be used almost anywhere. From your local Pizza Pizza to Siri, chatbots are going to be huge. The ability to talk to you like an actual person is something that, before RNNs, could not be replicated. Now, chatbots are uniquely suited for almost any task that requires talking to people.

How it Works


Tensorflow is a huge library that allows anyone to create projects. I used Tensorflow's built-in sequence to sequence model, which allows chatbots to take in long sequences of human speech as inputs, and output human speech.

Recurrent Neural Networks

Recurrent neural networks, or RNNs, are a special type of neural network. This is because they have the ability to basically remember their inputs. This property works really well for something like a conversation, so they are mainly used to create chatbots.

Encoder-Decoder Model

An encoder-decoder model consists of two RNNs. The first, the encoder, changes the inputted sequence (or words that you type) into something a computer can understand. The decoder then changes the chatbot's response into human speech.

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