Voting Dapp

How It Works

Voting Dapp

How It Works

Decentralized applications, or dapps, are applications that are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes them decentralized and secure. Dapps have multiple use cases, such as in voting, gambling, etc. There are some huge dapps already in existence. A major example is Cryptokitties, which enables you to trade collectible items(kittens).

I recently created my own voting dapp and deployed it on my local network. Check the out video I made here!

Dapps are extremely useful and can prevent and fix a lot of issues in modern society, especially those revolving around security and fraud. They also have use cases in other areas, as demonstrated by dapps like Cryptokitties. Decentralized applications are going to become huge with developers creating dapps and coming up with ideas for new dapps every day.

How it Works

Stopping Double-Voting

Every time someone votes, their account address is added to a list of addresses that have already voted. Whenever someone tries to vote, the program makes sure that their account address is not in this list. If it is, they can't vote.

Immutable Records

Candidates, their vote counts, and the list of addresses that have already voted are all stored on the blockchain. This keeps these records safe from hacks or anything that could change the records other than a regular vote.

Easy to Vote

The dapp has a simple interface that allows you to choose a candidate and vote by selecting a candidate from a menu and clicking "vote". Paying the gas fee is simple, just clicking confirm. Results are displayed almost immediately.

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